"Achieving Coexistence between the Earth and Humankind."

The earth has been enormously affected by mankind. The earth, which was once teeming with nature, has been drastically transformed by mankind. We must realize that it is the human race that is leading the earth's environment to ruin. Our ancestors created technology and improved it so that people of the next generation could use it in their daily lives. Fields were cultivated during the Yayoi period, and people acquired the wisdom to produce food by themselves. The use of technology created in the modern era has made our lives richer. Thanks to it, mankind can live without inconvenience. However, there are those who have been left behind. That is what we call disparity. There is disparity between urban and rural areas, and between developed and developing countries. Through Sagri, I would like to create an optimal environment and mechanism for the coexistence of the earth and humankind. And I want to realize the coexistence of the Earth and humankind.
Sagri Co,. Ltd
Director and CEO Shunsuke Tsuboi